G-CIVK Window Cut Blanked White

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A piece of 747 aviation history in its raw state, or with progressively fine grade sanding and buffing, this metal will polish up to a gleam. The aluminium blank in this window can also be sanded and polished. Take a look at the Facebook page ‘Plane Reclaimers FanPage’ if you’d like to see examples of what other customers/enthusiasts are doing with their purchases. Clock surround? Picture frame? LED lit art piece? Let your imagination go…

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Images are example cuts. Cuts vary in curve depending on where on the aircraft they were cut from and in dimensions from Length 43-47cm, Depth 7-9cm, Height 86-89cm as well as the position of the window within the cut. Cuts are already removed from the aircraft, will be picked at random for your order and will be shipped after 5th January 2021. Condition may vary from the example images shown.