G-CIVY B747 Underwing Fuel Tank Cover with “IMPACT RESISTANT DOOR” stencilling


Take a look at the ‘Plane Reclaimers Fan Page’ on Facebook (yes we have a fan page, isn’t that fab?). See what other enthusiasts/collectors are doing with theirs. Leave it as is, or fine sand and polish it back to shining aluminium, or turn it into a clock…picture frame..? A proper chunk of aviation history right here. Have fun with it!

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In as removed condition. Condition may vary from example images shown. You are buying 1 (one) tank cover. All have a minumum of two securing ring screws. Apologies but we don’t have any spare screws. Securing ring can be removed to form a separate frame or secured with appropriate screws or adhesive from any hardware store. Many of the rings are not as loose as you might imagine, already bonded by many years of grease and grime.

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Dimensions 49 × 29 × 4 cm